Monthly Archives: April 2013

Sooo… What’s going on here.

Hello world!

This site used to be a little ugly but handy url shortener and QR code generator¬†¬†but since that didn’t get any visits at all I figured I might as well use it as a blog, so… here we are!

If you want to know a little about me or what this blog is going to be about then feel free to check out the About page.

The first thing I did after installing WordPress was install the Codium Extend theme – it’s simple, it’s responsive so it’ll look good on tablets and mobile devices, and relatively easy to mod.

After that I decided to change the default language back to english since the main audience of this blog will probably international. I’m Danish, so for some reason I just installed an old version I had on my server and that happened to be one with the Danish language pack installed.

To change the language back to english I just edited wp-config.php and changed:

define (‘WPLANG’, ‘da_DK’);


define (‘WPLANG’, ”);


Easy as that.

I really wish WordPress would have url rewriting enabled by default, but at least it wasn’t much of a hassle to change it in Settings. Even though Google will probably still index the site well enough without URL Rewriting enabled all evidence points to the fact that both users and bots prefer the Search Engine Friendly URLs with the post name in the URL.

Now I’m off to install the Google Analyticator plugin – I could install the Google Analytics tracking code in the Codium Extend theme manually but since I might want to change the theme later it’ll probably save me some time if I install the plugin instead. And that’ll probably only take half a minute.


When I setup a new blog I usually find some relevant XML-RPC Ping Services to tell the world when I post something new, but for this one I’ve decided to simply use the standard ones from the WordPress Codex.

So. That’s what’s going on here – a basic blog about whatever tech stuff I’m working on. Expect to find some hints about working with osCommerce, WordPress, Xcode, and MySQL/Php in general, once in a while in the future.

Best regards,