About i4s.dk

i4s.dk started as a tiny pet project of mine to make a combined URL shortener and QR code generator. Sadly though, hardly anyone felt like using i4s.dk over any of the thousands of alternatives, so I’ve decided to get some use out of the domain by using it as my personal tech blog 🙂

I currently operate a couple of wordpress blogs, a webshop running a massively modified osCommerce 2.4 and besides that I enjoy doing a bit of objective C iOS programming.

Added up this means that i4s.dk will probably feature articles and code snippets related to whatever project I’m currently working on – hopefully someone will get some use out of my ramblings about osCommerce shortcomings, cool things I discover in Xcode or SEO-related frustrations.

Whatever… Glad you stopped by!

Best regards,

Anders Nielsen

p.s. The old URL shortener and QR code generator is still online and still shortens urls just  fine – just don’t expect it to be developed any further 😉 You’ll find it here: i4s.dk/old.php (Expect to be shocked by the amazing layout ;))

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